Chison i7 Trolley Color Ultrasound

CHISON i7 has set the new standard of a premium cardiovascular color doppler system. The unique technologies of double phase digital beam forming has tripled the frame rate of a traditional cardiac motion image, which tremendously reduces the mis-diagnosis.

Chison i7 Trolley Color Ultrasound

Chison SonoTouch 20 Tablet Ultrasound

Get in touch with the future of ultrasound The confusing buttons and keyboards of yesterday's ultrasound systems can get in the way of health care. It is time to switch to SonoTouchTM and experience the amazingly intuitive user interface designed to help the way you work,with the performance you need.

Chison SonoTouch 20 Tablet Ultrasound

Auto Hematology Analyzer Mindray BC-3000PLUS

BC-3000Plus is an analyzer for the mainstream laboratory that prioritizes quality results. Equipped with a large, color LCD Display, built-in thermal printer and huge storage capacity, our user-friendly hematology analyzer brings the convenience and accuracy of the reference laboratory right into your practice, offering maximum value with low running costs.

Auto Hematology Analyzer Mindray BC-3000PLUS

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Chison Q5 portable color ultrasound

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Product description:CHISON Q5 delivers superb image quality for multi-applications in abdomen,OB/GYN,small parts, urology and MSK. With the advanced technologies of SRA, THI, it provides better contrast resolution, which greatly helps the diagnosis of difficult-to-scan patients. A work-flow oriented User Interface is built to allow user-friendly operation with minimum soft key entries. Ergonomical design of keyboard, 15 inch LCD large display, double probe connectors, USB and DICOM connectivity make your scan FAST and EASY, and allow you to focus more on your patients.


Q5 Features

15" LCD monitor 

2 probe ports 

HPRF [High Pulse Repetition Frequency] 

OB/GYN, Vascular/Small Parts, Pediatrics, Urology, & Musculoskeletal

THI [Tissue Harmonic Imaging] 

Trapezoid imaging & Panoramic Imaging

SRA [Speckle Reduction Algorithm]

MCI [Multiple Compound Imaging]

160 GB hard drive

2 USB ports


12" high

16" wide

4" deep

Probes / Transducers

Convex probe D3C60 [ 2 - 6 MHz ]

Linear probe D7L40L [ 4 - 13 MHz ] 

Micro Convex probe D5C20L [3 - 9 MHz]

Transvaginal probe D6C12L [ 4 - 10 MHz ]

Cardiac sector probe D3C20L [ 2 - 4 MHz ] 

Pediatric probe [5 MHz ]

4D volume probe [4 MHz]

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